Liza Soberano backs out of ‘Darna’ movie project

Liza Soberano announced her withdrawal from the movie 'Darna' due to an injury.

by Marsha Dizon

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Filipino-American actress Liza Soberano (age 21) has officially backed out of the movie “Darna” on April 4, 2019, due to a finger injury.

Liza Soberano’s right index finger was injured during a taping for her recently concluded TV series, “Bagani”. The injury was so bad since the bone of her finger got crushed as well as its joint.

The actress has undergone two surgeries, and another one is scheduled for May. Steel plates have been inserted in her finger to help in the healing process.

liza soberano x ray of injured finger X-ray images of Liza Soberano’s fractured right index finger after second surgery [ref:]

After the accident, Liza tried to get back to her training for “Darna”. But she noticed that she cannot train properly since her grip isn’t as good as before.

In an interview with MJ Felipe of ABS-CBN News, she said, “I couldn’t do my stunt trainings because we had to take care of the finger. Of course, we were still hoping that I would be able to do the project, pero [but] because of the injury, I couldn’t do my stunts. So how would I be able to practice and ready myself as well?”

Liza didn’t feel confident enough that she could deliver 100% to the role, considering her injury. She is scared that she won’t look as good doing her stunts because of the way her finger looks.

What’s worse, Liza’s not even sure it will get back to normal as before, that she would even be able to make a fist.

She said she has invested so much time and effort to “Darna” but she doesn’t want the project to suffer “just because I don’t feel like I could give Darna the justice she deserves.”

Liza said she decided to withdraw from “Darna” because emotionally, she felt like she’s not whole anymore to do “Darna”.

Liza is happy that her manager Ogie Diaz and the big bosses of ABS-CBN understood her situation and that she will still be given future projects despite her withdrawal from “Darna”.

But when asked about her message to her fans who would be disappointed with her move, Liza started saying, “I just wanna say sorry to them that I let them down…”. Liza looked away and broke down. She raised her left hand and said in between sobs, “Sorry, I can’t do it, sorry.” With her back to the camera, Liza continued crying.

The general reaction from Liza Soberano’s fans was one of understanding. Most of them said that Liza should think of her health first, before anything else, and that they believe she is deemed for greater roles in the future.

FULL VIDEO: Tearful Liza Soberano withdraws from ‘Darna’ film project

[ref: ABS-CBN News]

Darna wiki

Liza accepted the role for Darna in May 2017, a couple of months after actress Angel Locsin withdrew from the same project because of a back injury.

Director Jerrold Tarog of “Heneral Luna” is spearheading the superhero movie, taking over from Erik Matti in October 2018, who withdrew from the project due to creative differences with Star Cinema.

“Darna” has been one of the most-anticipated Philippine movies since it was first announced in 2014.

Despite experiencing several setbacks from its long-delayed project, ABS-CBN and Star Cinema are determined to continue the project and has issued a statement saying they are now in the process of finding a new actress who would portray the role of the iconic Filipino superhero.

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