Maledicto (2019 movie)

Maledicto (2019) starring Tom Rodriguez, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Miles Ocampo.

April 17, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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This horror film delves into demonic possessions and a believer’s test of faith.

  • Starring : Tom Rodriguez / Jasmine Curtis-Smith / Miles Ocampo
  • Genre : Horror / Thriller
  • Country : Philippines
  • Language : Filipino
  • Director : Mark Meily
  • Production : Fox Original Productions / Cignal Entertainment / Unitel Straightshooters

Maledicto movie

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Maledicto release date

  • May 1, 2019 : Philippines

Maledicto cast

  • Tom Rodriguez as Father Xavi
  • Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Sister Barbie
  • Miles Ocampo as Agnes
  • Eric Quizon
  • Inah De Belen as Mara
  • Martin Escudero
  • Franco Laurel as Father Jay Cinco
  • Liza Lorena
  • Nonie Buencamino
  • Shamaine Buencamino
  • Nina Ricci Alagao
  • Menggie Cobarrubias

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