PBB Otso: Lou, Andre, Yamyam, Fumiya on Rated K

Watch PBB Otso Adult Big 4 Lou, Andre, Yamyam, and Fumiya (Team LAYF) during their interview on Rated K.

May 3, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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The “Pinoy Big Brother: Otso” Adult Big Four composed of Lou Yanong (age 22), Andre Brouillette (age 21), Yamyam Gucong (age 25), and Fumiya Sankai (age 24), who are collectively known as Team LAYF, were interviewed on the magazine show Rated K, hosted by broadcast journalist and TV news anchor Korina Sanchez.

The interview revealed more about the personal lives of real-life sweethearts Lou and Andre, also collectively known as LouDre. Lou, who never had a boyfriend before, said she became picky because she wanted to find the qualities of her father in a man. Which apparently she found in Andre, whom she fell in love with during their stay inside the PBB house.

Lou and Andre were as sweet during the interview, as they were inside the PBB house. Andre’s term of endearment for Lou is “my nugget” and “my booboo”, while Lou calls Andre “smurf” and “booboo”.

As for Fumiya and Yamyam, also known collectively as FumiYam or Spiritual Brothers, they also revealed something about their respective love stories.

Yamyam has a girlfriend named Elaine, who he says he misses so much. He told his girlfriend not to worry because she is safe in his heart.

Meanwhile Fumiya is currently single but he said he had a girlfriend before and their relationship lasted for 3 years. He said it’s his fault their relationship ended because he had always wanted to pursue his dream first.

The aspirations of Team LAYF were also revealed. Prior to joining PBB, Lou wanted to study interior design or something about art, while Andre was preparing to become a cabin crew or flight attendant.

Yamyam wants to become a teacher and is still pursuing his education even if he was delayed by more than 6 years. He is currently in Grade 12.

Fumiyam is into vlogging, but had he not succeeded in being one, he would have been a basketball player and a businessman. Fumiya has more than 1.4 million subscribers in his channel FumiShun Base.

Prior to the “Rated K” interview, Team LAYF met with their cancer-stricken fans. They also took on the ‘Rated Kaba’ challenge where they were asked to hold lovable reptiles, including a huge Burmese python named Oprah.

[ref: ABS-CBN News]

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