Idol Philippines 2019: Ameurfina III sings “Roses”

Ameurfina III sings "Roses" by The Chainsmokers on Idol Philippines 2019.

May 13, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Ameurfina III (age 23) from Lucena, Quezon sang an impressive cover of “Roses” by American DJ duo The Chainsmokers, during her audition on Idol Philippines 2019.

“Roses” features the vocals of American singer Rozes. The song was written by Andrew Taggart and Elizabeth Mencel. Released in 2015, the song peaked at number 6 at the US Billboard Hot 100.

Ameurfina III, whose unique name is a combination of America, Europe, and Philippines; said she joined Idol Philippines 2019 to help her mother (the original Ameurfina) who also happens to be her idol. She said her mother is a good singer and musician and taught her how to sing.

Immediately after her performance, Ameurfina became emotional and cried because she said she thinks her performance was a “fail”. But Idol judge Vice Ganda told her to relax, don’t judge herself, and said that she should leave the judging to them. Judge Moira Dela Torre said that she could empathize with Ameurfina because even she herself has to develop a way to conquer her fears the moment she gets onstage.

While Ameurfina looked stressed out after her performance, the judges praised her voice and her style. With each positive comment, Ameurfina III slowly relaxed and began smiling at Vice Ganda’s jokes.

When the judges gave her “Yes” votes, she looked relieved and looked like she regained confidence in herself again. And when she got the Golden Ticket to Idol City, she gladly whistled a bit at the judges’ request.

Ameurfina III sings “Roses” on Idol Philippines 2019 Auditions

[ref: Idol Philippines]

Judges Comments:

Moira Dela Torre said Ameurfina is not only good in accompanying herself with a guitar, she is also good in singing. She agreed with Regine Velasquez that Ameurfina is really a musician. Moira said she is also excited if Ameurfina is not scared anymore, because she even whistled during her performance.

Regine Velasquez said that Ameurfina was disappointed with herself because, as Vice Ganda pointed out also, she wasn’t able to perfect the whistle. She explained to Ameurfina that a whistle just serves as an embellishment to a performance, to add color to a song. “But you don’t really need to do it.”

Vice Ganda said, “It wasn’t fail.” He assured Ameurfina it wasn’t a failed performance and he liked it at once, she just needs to relax. He joked that Ameurfina’s name should have “Kalmada” [calmness] in it, because she is so stressed.

James Reid said, “Your voice is like… I can hear it on the radio and I’m driving, like on a Sunday. It’s very relaxing, very sweet.”

When it came to voting all the judges gave Ameurfina III their Yes votes. Judge Moira added that Ameurfina is beautiful, talented, a musician and has a wonderful voice.

With the judges’ positive comments, Ameurfina finally relaxed and smiled. And when she finally got a Golden Ticket to Idol City, she even whistled a bit when the judges asked her to.

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