Idol Philippines 2019: Clyde Aquino sings ‘Malaya’

Clyde Aquino sings 'Malaya' by Moira Dela Torre on Idol Philippines 2019.

May 12, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Clyde Aquino (age 23) sang a heartfelt rendition of “Malaya” [Free] by Moira Dela Torre during his audition on Idol Philippines 2019.

Before performing, Clyde Aquino said that he joined Idol Philippines 2019 since it was his longtime dream and also because he wanted to give his kid a good life. He said that if he gets lucky, he will do his best for his family.

In another interview, Clyde said he is separated from the mother of his child. He said her parents doubt if his being a band member is enough to provide financial support to his family.

The judges were impressed with Clyde Aquino’s cover of “Malaya” and gave him their yes votes for his performance.

Clyde Aquino got a Golden Ticket to Idol City, where the next level of Idol Philippines 2019 will be held.

Clyde Aquino sings “Malaya” by Moira Dela Torre on Idol Philippines 2019

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Judges Comments:

Vice Ganda said it’s his favorite song. He said he hears that song on the radio. Then he joked that he doesn’t know the singer well, prompting the song’s original singer and composer, Idol judge Moira dela Torre to smile like a kid.

Moira Dela Torre said in answer to Regine that she feels super happy when someone else sings her song, especially when Clyde changed or tweaked it.

Vice Ganda asked whose version is better and Moira said of course, it’s her version.

Moira said she is so happy and knowing Clyde’s story, she is sure he is freeing a lot.

Regine Velasquez said that when Clyde Aquino sang “Malaya”, his story was reflected in it. And that it came out naturally in the way he sang it. Regine said she liked the chest tone when it came to the chorus part. “I love it,” she concluded.

Vice Ganda told Clyde Aquino that he has a beautiful voice and that he registers well on the monitor. He said Clyde looks handsome, then in a jest, Vice Ganda asked, “Do you want us both to support your child?”

He said Clyde Aquino has a big potential and said that it’s like they were left hanging after his performance because they wanted to hear more.

Vice Ganda said that should be the case when watching a performer, that one is left wanting for more, that people will wait for you. One shouldn’t be forgettable, there should be a clamor to see you and to listen to you again.

James Reid

I love the performance. Your voice is so cool, easy on the ears. And your kid is lucky, because you’re so good in singing. My mom used to sing to me when I was a kid and she had a beautiful voice. And I think you need to share your voice with the whole country.

When it came to voting, Regine Velasquez said her vote is No. Moira agreed and Vice Ganda told Clyde “…so you could improve your craft. Then come back to us when you’re ready.”

Clyde Aquino looked sad but said OK. He was starting to walk out of the audition room with his head bowed down, when the judges called him back to say they were just joking.

After hearing all their Yes votes, Clyde jumped with joy and claimed from the judges his Golden Ticket to Idol City. Clyde shook the judges’ hands, but Vice Ganda went further with cheek kisses and also broke into a song “I love you Boy, kung alam mo lang [if you only knew].” Vice Ganda wins, too.

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