Idol Philippines 2019: Dan Ombao sings ‘Nobela’

Dan Ombao sings 'Nobela' by Join The Club on Idol Philippines 2019.

May 5, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Dan Ombao (age 23) of Bataan, sang a soulful version of “Nobela” by Join The Club during the auditions of Idol Philippines 2019.

A former contender on The Voice of the Philippines 2014 (Season 2), Dan Ombao lost to Jason Dy during the Battle Rounds when they sang “On Bended Knee”. He performed as well as Jason Dy but forgot the lyrics of one line of the song.

Asked why he was motivated to join a singing contest again, Dan Ombao said that he is now more mature and more focused than before.

With his audition, Dan Ombao is back with a vengeance. The moment he played the guitar and sang the first line of “Nobela”, Idol Philippines judges Moira dela Torre, Regine Velasquez, James Reid, and especially Vice Ganda, were hooked.

While Dan Ombao was singing, judges were already talking amongst themselves about just how good he is.

At the end of Dan Ombao’s performance, the judges (except for Regine Velasquez) gave him a standing ovation.

The judges all praised Dan Ombao’s beautiful voice, with Vice Ganda obviously already a fan and so is James, who said he would take his girlfriend Nadine Lustre to Dan’s show and would willingly buy his future album. Regine on the other hand, was also impressed but advised Dan to take care of his voice because she felt he was straining in singing the high notes.

Dan Ombao got a Golden Ticket to Idol City after all the four judges gave him their “Yes” votes.

Dan Ombao sings “Nobela” by Join The Club on Idol Philippines 2019 Auditions

[ref: Idol Philippines]

Judges Comments:

Vice Ganda said he agreed when Regine told him he was “kinikilig” (feeling thrilled/elated) when Dan Ombao sang. He said he already felt something when Dan started playing the guitar, even when he wasn’t singing yet. “It’s sexy, it’s a good sound, it feels good, it’s great!”

He added that he was so affected while he was listening to Dan Ombao. Vice Ganda said he pictured a romantic scene in Meteor Garden, with Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai, which he narrated in a funny way.

Vice Ganda summed up his reaction to Dan Ombao’s performance with: “I want to fall in love. I fell in love.”

James Reid

That was dope. I think you’re my favorite performer so far. I close my eyes and I was this thing like…” (Vice Ganda asked if he imagined the same scenariol like he did)…”No, I would take Nadine to see your show. It’s so good. I would buy your album.

Regine Velasquez said, “I enjoyed it. I wanna be a little technical because you are already whole (complete). Be careful with the key of your song, because I could hear you’re straining a little bit. Only a little bit more and your voice will crack, you were already straining. But otherwise, I’m just being technical, it was a good performance.”

Moira dela Torre commented, “It was good, very good. Even when you were performing, I saw the change, the turnaround. You know there are a lot of good singers, but humility will always be the crowning glory. And that’s what I saw.”

At that point, Vice Ganda made a funny jab and said, “I thought hair is the crowning glory? I read it somewhere… Moira is changing the saying.”

Moira summed up with her assessment and told Dan Ombao, “Anyway, I think you’re amazing.”

Vice Ganda made a joke again, asking Moira if she has a crush on Dan Ombao. He said that Dan may just ruin a relationship.

All of the judges gave Dan Ombao their “Yes” votes after his amazing rendition of “Nobela, and they gave him the Golden Ticket to Idol City, where the next level of the Idol Philippines 2019 will be held.

Idol Philippines 2019 airs weekends at 7:30 P.M. on ABS-CBN.

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