Idol Philippines 2019: Gello Marquez sings ‘Bakit Ba Ikaw’

Gello Marquez sings 'Bakit Ba Ikaw' by Michael Pangilinan on Idol Philippines 2019.

May 5, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Gello Marquez (age 18), a senior high school graduating student from Makati City, sang a cover of “Bakit Ba Ikaw” [Why is it You] by Michael Pangilinan during the Idol Philippines 2019 auditions.

“Bakit Ba Ikaw” was written and composed by Vehnee Saturno. The song is taken from Michael Pangilinan’s self-titled launching EP released in 2014 under Star Music.

The audition of Gello Marquez is one of the funniest auditions on Idol Philippines 2019. Judges Regine Velasquez, Moira dela Torre, Vice Ganda, and James Reid laughed at Gello’s tendency to tell stories, make comments, and ask questions that prolonged the audition more than usual.

Vice Ganda commented on Gello Marquez’s make-up, the latter told a story of how his skin broke out when he shaved then washed his faced immediately after. Vice Ganda then commented on how Gello looks like a Chinese version of actor and singer Wowie de Guzman, who was formerly linked with actress Judy Ann Santos. This prompted Gello to ask Vice Ganda if the two had kids and Vice Ganda said, “Do we really have to talk about that?”

When Gello was about to tell another story, Vice Ganda told him that they will just have to call him back to sing since the first part of the audition was only an interview. Gello Marquez was gullible enough to believe him and went out of the audition room, only to be pushed back in by Billy Crawford who said that the judges were only joking.

Upon learning that Gello Marquez will sing “Bakit Ba Ikaw” by Michael Pangilinan, Vice Ganda told Gello to sing it well because Michael is his favorite.

After his performance, the judges observed that Gello had a tendency to imitate Michael Pangilinan’s style. But three of them gave him “Yes” votes, because he had a good voice and they wanted to give him a chance to develop and show his own style in the competition.

Gello Marquez sings “Bakit Ba Ikaw” on Idol Philippines 2019 Auditions

Judges Comments:

Vice Ganda said he likes Gello’s voice and his riffs and runs which were not overdone. But he noted that Gello obviously studied Michael Pangilinan’s riffs and runs.

Gello explained it was different from Michael’s and his description elicited a big laugh from the judges.

Vice Ganda then said that Gello only lacks maturity as a performer. And that if he becomes more serious about it, he will become better.

James Reid said that Gello had nerves of steel. Asked if he knew what it meant, Gello replied “Superman?” That response brought the house down again.

Prior to James’ comment, there was a funny exchange between James and Gello on how the former should be addressed. (Watch the video at 5:47)

Gello said he was getting embarrassed but judges assured him it was OK.

James Reid continued and said, ” I love your confidence. You’re confident but you’re not ‘mayabang’ [arrogant], it’s not annoying. With your singing, I’m getting like a JR,Daryl Ong vibe, the R&B. You still need more practice. I thought it was going to be joke time, but I’m glad it was serious but you need to get across the emotion more. But I like the eye contact.”

Regine Velasquez said she likes Gello Marquez’s voice. The timbre is good, but there’s a slight struggle in the high notes, according to her. “But I love your personality, if you are really serious, i think you will be better.”

Moira dela Torre said, “Gello, you’re so entertaining.” She added that she just wants to hear what Gello really sounds like because she hears Michael so much in the way he sings.

Except for James Reid, the judges gave Gello Marquez their “Yes” votes.

James said that singing-wise Gello is just not what he’s looking for, while Regine said she understood that Gello emulated his idol but hopes he finds his own sound. Moira dela Torre said she’s 50-50 because there’s already a Michael Pangilinan, but in the end she said “Yes”.

With 3 yes votes, Gello Marquez got a Golden Ticket to Idol City, where the next round of Idol Philippines 2019 will be held.

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