Idol Philippines 2019: Jasper Lacson sings original ‘Together’

Jasper Lacson sings his original composition "Together" on Idol Philippines 2019.

May 11, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Jasper Lacson (age 20), a student at the UST Conservatory of Music majoring in Music Technology, sang his very catchy original song titled “Together” during his audition in Idol Philippines 2019.

Before performing his song, Jasper was asked to demonstrate his skills in musical scoring, from a story spontaneously created by Vice Ganda named “Huling Hapunan” (Last Supper).

Regine Velasquez acts as the father who’s about to leave behind his wife Vice Ganda and their two kids, played by judges James Reid and Moira dela Torre. Vice Ganda said they cannot break apart because James is a good dancer while Moira is a ballerina and they inherited their dancing skills from Regine who is a hip-hop dancer.

Finally, Jasper performed his original composition. While he sang, Vice Ganda already commented on the side that Jasper has a good voice, while James told Vice Ganda that his smile reminded him of singer JR. The judges reacted well to his performance, raising their hands and moving in time with his song.

It was after Jasper Lacson’s performance that the judges learned that “Together” was his original composition, and they all said it was good. Asked who his inspiration was, Jasper said it was for his family, especially his grandfather, who has not even heard him sing. He said his grandfather was in the province and it’s his birthday, not knowing that his grandfather was outside the audition room, about to surprise him.

Vice Ganda told the story of his beloved grandfather to whom he showed all his talents and who once requested him to sing without wearing a gown. Since then Vice Ganda said he never wore a gown when he sings on TV because he wants to make his grandfather happy. He advised Jasper Lacson to do the same, to show his talents to his grandfather.

All the judges gave Jasper Lacson their Yes votes and were impressed with his performance, his voice, and his original song. He got a Golden Ticket to Idol City, where the next level of the competition will be held.

Jasper Lacson sings original “Together” on Idol Philippines 2019 Auditions

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Judges Comments:

James Reid

You moved me. You’re vulnerable and your walls are down. I really felt the performance. And also you have a really nice voice. It sounds good on record. You’re also amazing at guitar.

Vice Ganda agreed and said Jasper Lacson connects easily with his song. He said he didn’t know Jasper’s song but he felt connected and it sounded like he knows it already.

Regine Velasquez said that sometimes the person one expects not to be good turns out to be one. She said she’s happy with Jasper’s performance.

Moira Dela Torre said that Jasper’s voice is beautiful. She said she is so impressed with Jasper Lacson’s songwriting. Moira was crying because she said that when she started writing songs, it was her grandmother who was the first one to listen to them. But when her breakthrough songs came out, she always felt sad because she can’t show it to them anymore.

So Moira told Jasper, “as long as you still can, show him (Jasper’s grandfather). ‘Cause you don’t have a lot of time.”

Moira then asked her co-judges not to say the terms “lola” [grandmother] and “lolo” [grandfather].

Before giving their votes, Vice Ganda asked Jasper Lacson to just play a song that Vice Ganda’s grandfather will also like.

Just then, host Billy Crawford ushered in Jasper’s grandfather. Jasper stopped and became emotional. His grandfather named Cesar said that when he asks Jasper to sing, his grandson just starts singing jokingly, then never sings it completely.

Asked what he thinks about his grandson’s voice, Cesar said since Jasper is his grandson, of course his voice is beautiful.

The judges then unanimously gave their resounding “Yes” vote to Jasper Lacson, and his grandfather got the Golden Ticket from the judges, saying it’s a birthday gift for him. On his way out, Vice Ganda joked, “That comes with health benefits.”

With a Golden Ticket, Jasper Lacson is now qualified to go to Idol City for the next level of Idol Philippines 2019.

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