Idol Philippines 2019: Krissha Viaje sings ‘Di Na Muli’

Krissha Viaje sings 'Di Na Muli' by Itchyworms on Idol Philippines 2019.

May 12, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Krissha Viaje (age 26) from Quezon City sang an amazing cover of “Di Na Muli” by Itchyworms during her audition on Idol Philippines 2019.

“Di Na Muli” [Not Again] is composed by Itchyworms’ drummer/vocalist Jazz Nicolas with songwriting partner Wally Acolola. The song won the PhilPop grand prize in 2016.

Krissha is a member of GirlTrends, the female counterpart of the Hashtags, both groups belonging to the noontime show “It’s Showtime” where Idol Judge Vice Ganda is a regular host. That’s why when she entered the audition room, Vice Ganda exclaimed, “Oh my God!”.

Despite feeling nervous because she works with Vice Ganda on “It’s Showtime” and expecting that he might be harsher on her, Krissha performed well and impressed not only Vice Ganda but also the other judges.

Vice Ganda said he also felt nervous because he feels like the mother of Krissha.

After her performance, the Idol Philippines 2019 judges James Reid, Moira Dela Torre, Regine Velasquez and Vice Ganda were pleased and all voted Yes for Krissha Viaje, and they gave her a Golden Ticket to Idol City.

Krissha Viaje sings ‘Di Na Muli’ on Idol Philippines 2019 Auditiions

Judges Comments:

James Reid saw through Krissha Viaje’s nervousness but said the foundation was there and she could grow from there. He liked it that Krissha gave it her all.

Moira Dela Torre remarked on Krissha Viaje’s beauty, her vocal range, her husky voice and high notes.

Regine Velasquez said she was very impressed and thinks that Kryssha Viaje has been singing for quite some time, knows vocal techniques and how to use her voice. She thinks Krissha was very nervous but feels she could do more.

Vice Ganda said he knew what Krissha Viaje is capable of doing. But that is not enough, because other judges have to see it for themselves. He said he was the last one to give his opinion because he does not want to influence the other judges. Vice Ganda said he is very happy with Krissha Viaje’s performance. He advised her to do better and to not be conquered by fear or nerves.

All of the judges gave Krissha Viaje their Yes votes. James added that although Krissha Viaje does not have the strongest voice in the competition, he sees the drive and passion in her.

Krissha Viaje got a Golden Ticket to Idol City for the next phase of Idol Philippines 2019.

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