Survivor 2019 winner is Chris Underwood

Chris Underwood is the winner of Survivor 2019 or 'Survivor: Edge of Extinction'.

by Marsha Dizon

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The CBS reality franchise has revealed its Season 38 “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” (Survivor 2019) winner, the Sole Survivor Chris Underwood (age 25) of South Carolina.

He is the first person to win Survivor after being voted out previously.

Chris Underwood was the third person to be voted out of Survivor 2019. He stayed at a secluded island, the “Edge of Extinction” since Day 8 and stayed there for 28 days. But he won the final reentry challenge and returned to the game on Day 35 of the competition.

“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” started out with 18 castaways, composed of 14 new players and four returning players. The competition was held in Fiji for 39 days.

In the final jury vote of the competition, Chris Underwood won over Gavin Whitson (age 23) and Julie Rosenberg (age 46) by a vote of 9-4-0.

Rick Devens (age 33), who some people expected to be the Survivor 2019 winner before Underwood came back, wound up in 4th place. He lost to Chris Underwood in a fire making challenge, wherein Underwood gave up his immunity.

Chris Underwood won the cash prize of USD 1 million as Sole Survivor and winner of Survivor 2019. Whitson and Rosenberg, who were runner-up and 2nd runner-up respectively, also received cash prizes. Exact amounts were not disclosed but in most seasons, the runner-up receives USD 100,000 while the 2nd runner-up or third place receives USD 85,000.

Fourth-placer Devens received the “Sia Prize” of USD 100,000 during the season finale from singer Sia, who was apparently one of those who loved Devens during the competition.

A lot of people are still shocked at the turn of events during the season finale where Chris Underwood emerged as the Survivor 2019 winner. But the newly married Chris Underwood is not really bothered about the controversy. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said he didn’t do it for the haters but for the ones he loves.

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