Macklemore’s Songland Selection: “Shadow” by Iro

Macklemore's Songland Selection: "Shadow" by Iro | Songland 2019.

August 15, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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American rapper and songwriter Benjamin Hammond Haggerty aka Macklemore (age 36), picked “Shadow” by songwriter Iro as his Songland Selection.

Macklemore and Songland producers and judges Ester Dean, Ryan Tedder and Shane Mcanally were blown away by Iro’s song, which sounded much like an Irish song.

The producers preferred a faster tempo and when Iro came back with a revised version, Macklemore liked it better.

Macklemore said that one of his biggest fan bases in the world is Ireland and that his family’s from Ireland. He said, “I just want to perform this song in front of like 40,000 people in Ireland. I have a vision.”

Less than 2 weeks after filming the Songland episode, Macklemore and Iro peformed the song live for the first time at Lollapalooza in Sao Paolo on April 5, 2019.

Here’s an audio of Macklemore’s “Shadow”, written by and featuring Iro:

Iro is originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, but has been living for 10 years in in Brooklyn, New York. He is a full time busker (street performer) and has been all over the world through money he made from it. Iro’s original music are on Spotify and Soundcloud and some are posted on his YouTube channel.

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