The Voice 2019: Taylor Swift shocked over Melinda Rodriguez story

The Voice 2019: Taylor Swift shocked over Melinda Rodriguez story | Sneak Peek | The Knockouts.

by Marsha Dizon

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Taylor Swift, the Mega Mentor of The Voice 2019 (Season 17), got shocked and at the same time emotional, with the touching story of contestant Melinda Rodriguez of Team Kelly Clarkson.

During their mentoring session, Melinda Rodriguez told Taylor Swift that his brother is Swift’s biggest fan. She said every single one of Swift’s album names are tattooed on his body.

Rodriguez went on with her story saying that her brother, who had been waiting for his heart transplant, got the call to have his surgery just as Melinda was set to meet her coach and mentor for her Knockouts rehearsal.

Taylor said it’s group hug time as Kelly Clarkson asked why Melinda is not with her brother. Kelly said they should get done so Melinda can leave.

But what Melinda said, shocked Taylor and brought Kelly to tears . According to Melinda, his brother said, “You can’t leave, because what if it’s Taylor Swift?

Melinda said his brother has to wake up, because, “there’s no way I can’t tell him about this. That’d be the world’s biggest injustice”

According to Melinda, his brother also said, “Don’t be selfish. You’re doing it for me, not for you.”

Taylor immediately asked for an address where they can send him some gifts.

Melinda surprised Taylor even more when she revealed that she and her whole family has a “Fearless” tattoo on their body.

Taylor Swift, together with Kelly, mentored and coached Melinda as she rehearsed “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey. She will go up against Jake Hoot in a yet unaired The Voice Knockouts episode.

Watch as Voice artist Melinda Rodriguez shares a heartwarming story with Mega Mentor Taylor Swift.

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