Arrow (Season 8 Ep 10) series finale trailer, release date

Arrow (Season 8 Episode 10) series finale trailer, release date | Series Finale | TV Series.

January 23, 2020 by Marsha Dizon

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After eight seasons, and the launch of countless superheroes, the series wraps up the story of the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell). Emily Bett Rickards returns as computer-science expert Felicity Smoak for the series finale.

The Arrow series finale episode is directed by James Bamford and written by Marc Guggenheim & Beth Schwartz

Episode title: “Fadeout”
Release date: January 28, 2020 at 9pm
Network: The CW
Cast: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Rick Gonzalez, Juliana Harkavy, Katherine McNamara, Ben Lewis, Joseph David-Jones, LaMonica Garrett

Arrow is an American superhero TV series developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, a costumed crime-fighter created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp. It is set in the Arrowverse, sharing continuity with other Arrowverse TV series. The series premiered in the United States on The CW on October 10, 2012, and was primarily filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In January 2019, The CW renewed the series for an eighth season, which premiered on October 15, 2019.

In March, it was announced this would serve as the final season of the series, consisting of ten episodes which would contribute to the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event.

Arrow follows the story of billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who claimed to have spent five years shipwrecked on Lian Yu, a mysterious island in the North China Sea, before returning home to Starling City (later renamed “Star City”) to fight crime and corruption as a secret vigilante whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.

Throughout the series, Oliver is joined by others, among them former soldier John Diggle (David Ramsey), I.T. expert and skilled hacker Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), former assassin Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), aspiring vigilante Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), Oliver’s sister Thea (Willa Holland), and attorney-turned-vigilante Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy). During the first five seasons of the show, characters from Oliver’s past appear in a separate story arc based on Oliver’s flashbacks. Starting with season seven, a series of flash-forwards focus on Oliver’s children William and Mia, exploring how present events would affect their future and Green Arrow’s legacy.

The series takes a new look at the Green Arrow character, as well as other characters from the DC Comics universe. Although Oliver Queen/Green Arrow had been featured in the TV series Smallville from 2006 to 2011, on The CW, the producers decided to start clean and find a new actor to portray the character. Arrow has received generally positive reviews from critics. The series has received several awards and multiple nominations.

In October 2014, a spin-off TV series titled The Flash premiered. This was the first extension of the shared universe that would be known as the “Arrowverse”. The Flash was later followed in 2015 with Vixen and Supergirl, in 2016 with Legends of Tomorrow, in 2017 with Freedom Fighters: The Ray, and in 2019 with Batwoman, which are all part of the same shared universe.

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