The Santa Clause 2 (2002 movie)

The Santa Clause 2 (2002 movie) trailer starring Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold.

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The Santa Clause 2 is a 2002 American Christmas comedy film directed by Michael Lembeck. It is a sequel to The Santa Clause (1994) and the second installment in the Santa Clause film series. All the principal actors from the first film, including Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold, Wendy Crewson, David Krumholtz, and Eric Lloyd, reprise their roles, and are joined by Elizabeth Mitchell and Spencer Breslin.

  • Starring : Tim Allen / Judge Reinhold
  • Genre : Comedy / Family / Fantasy
  • Country : United States / Canada
  • Language : English
  • Director : Michael Lembeck
  • Production : Walt Disney Pictures / Outlaw Productions (I) / Boxing Cat Films
  • Distributor : Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / Buena Vista International / Gaumont Buena Vista International (GBVI) / Walt Disney Home Video / Buena Vista Home Entertainment / Buena Vista Home Video / American Broadcasting Company (ABC) / SBS6 / Buena Vista International Finland / ABC Family / American Movie Classics (AMC) / BBC HD / BBC One / Disney Channel / Freeform / ITV 2 / Nelonen / Toon Disney

The Santa Clause 2 movie

The Santa Clause 2 release date

  • October 27, 2002 : USA (premiere)
  • November 1, 2002 : Canada
  • November 1, 2002 : Philippines (Manila)
  • November 1, 2002 : USA
  • November 21, 2002 : Switzerland (German speaking region)
  • November 21, 2002 : Germany
  • November 29, 2002 : UK
  • November 29, 2002 : Ireland
  • December 4, 2002 : Philippines (Davao)
  • December 5, 2002 : Australia
  • December 5, 2002 : Israel
  • December 6, 2002 : Sweden
  • December 7, 2002 : Japan
  • December 13, 2002 : Spain
  • December 18, 2002 : France

The Santa Clause 2 cast

  • Tim Allen as Scott Calvin / Santa / Toy Santa
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol
  • David Krumholtz as Bernard
  • Eric Lloyd as Charlie Calvin
  • Judge Reinhold as Neil Miller
  • Wendy Crewson as Laura Miller
  • Spencer Breslin as Curtis
  • Liliana Mumy as Lucy Miller
  • Danielle Woodman as Abby
  • Art LaFleur as Tooth Fairy(as Art Lafleur)
  • Aisha Tyler as Mother Nature
  • Kevin Pollak as Cupid
  • Jay Thomas as Easter Bunny
  • Michael Dorn as Sandman
  • Christopher Attadia as Engineer Elf #1

Released on November 1, 2002, the film received mixed reviews from critics and grossed $172 million worldwide on a $65 million budget. It was followed by another sequel, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, released in 2006.

Eight years have passed since Scott Calvin took on the mantle of Santa Claus and became subject to the Santa Clause. Now he has become a great Santa at the North Pole, until Head Elf Bernard and Curtis, the Keeper of the Handbook of Christmas, inform him that there is another clause – the “Mrs. Clause”.

Scott is now pressed to get married before the next Christmas Eve or the clause will be broken and he will stop being Santa forever. At the same time, Abby the Elf delivers even more distressing news: Scott’s son Charlie is on the naughty list. Scott must return to his home to search for a wife and set things right with Charlie. He brings this up when visited by the Council of Legendary Figures, consisting of Mother Nature, Father Time, Cupid, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman. To cover for Santa’s prolonged absence, Curtis helps Scott create a life-size toy replica of Santa, much to Bernard’s horror, but he reluctantly plays along, and tells the other elves that Santa had a makeover, so they won’t question the Toy Santa’s different appearance.

Because of the impending end of his contract, Scott undergoes a “de-Santafication process” that gradually turns him back into Scott Calvin. He has a limited amount of magic to help him. Scott returns home to his former wife Laura, her husband Neal, their six-year-old daughter Lucy, and Charlie, whom Scott realizes has been vandalizing his school to get attention. He and Charlie face the ire of school principal Carol Newman when Charlie defaces the lockers.

At the North Pole, Toy Santa follows the rulebook too literally and begins to think that everyone in the world is naughty because of their small mistakes. As a result, Toy Santa takes over the North Pole using giant toy soldiers he made himself and unveils his plan to the elves to give lumps of coal to the world. Bernard exposes Toy Santa as a fraud, and Toy Santa places him under house arrest.

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