Toy Story 2 (1999 movie)

Toy Story 2 (1999 movie) trailer starring Tom Hanks, Tim Allen.

January 4, 2020 by Jessie Mendoza

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Toy Story 2 is a 1999 American computer-animated comedy film directed by John Lasseter and produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. It is the sequel to 1995’s Toy Story and the second film in the Toy Story franchise.

In the film, Woody is stolen by a toy collector, prompting Buzz Lightyear and his friends to rescue him, but Woody is then tempted by the idea of immortality in a museum. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles, Wallace Shawn, John Ratzenberger, Jim Varney, Annie Potts, R. Lee Ermey, John Morris, and Laurie Metcalf all reprise their character roles from the original film.

The returning cast is joined by Joan Cusack, Kelsey Grammer, Estelle Harris, Jodi Benson, and Wayne Knight, who voice the new characters introduced in this film.

  • Starring : Tom Hanks / Tim Allen
  • Genre : Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
  • Country : United States
  • Language : English / Arabic / Spanish
  • Director : John Lasseter / Ash Brannon / Lee Unkrich
  • Production : Pixar Animation Studios / Walt Disney Pictures
  • Distributor : Buena Vista Pictures / B&H Film Distribution / Buena Vista International (Australia) / Buena Vista International Finland / Buena Vista International / Disney Digital 3-D / Falcon / Filmes Lusomundo / Gaumont Buena Vista International (GBVI) / Kommunenes Filmcentral (KF) / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing (WDSSPR) / Zon Lusomundo Audiovisuais / ABC Family / American Broadcasting Company (ABC) / BBC One / Buena Vista Home Entertainment / Buena Vista Home Video / Channel 4 / Disney Channel / Disney Cinemagic / Disney Junior / Disney XD / Disney+ / Freeform / Gativideo / Mainostelevisio (MTV3) / TV Tokyo / Toon Disney / Walt Disney Home Entertainment / Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment / Yleisradio (YLE)

Toy Story 2 movie

Toy Story 2 release date

  • November 13, 1999 : USA (Los Angeles, California) (premiere)
  • November 19, 1999 : USA (Los Angeles, California)
  • November 24, 1999 : Canada
  • November 24, 1999 : USA
  • December 2, 1999 : Australia
  • December 2, 1999 : Philippines
  • December 2, 1999 : Singapore
  • January 4, 2000 : Philippines (Manila)
  • January 26, 2000 : Philippines (Davao)
  • February 2, 2000 : France
  • February 3, 2000 : Switzerland (German speaking region)
  • February 3, 2000 : Germany
  • February 4, 2000 : Spain
  • February 4, 2000 : Sweden
  • February 11, 2000 : UK
  • February 11, 2000 : Ireland
  • March 11, 2000 : Japan
  • April 6, 2000 : Israel
  • October 2, 2009 : Canada (3-D version)
  • October 2, 2009 : USA (3-D version)
  • October 2, 2009 : USA (re-release)
  • October 25, 2009 : UK (3-D version) (London Film Festival)
  • October 29, 2009 : Israel (3-D version)
  • January 15, 2010 : India (3-D version)
  • January 22, 2010 : UK (3-D version)
  • January 22, 2010 : Ireland (3-D version)
  • February 6, 2010 : Japan (3-D version)
  • March 19, 2010 : Spain (3-D version)
  • April 15, 2010 : Singapore (3-D version)
  • April 21, 2010 : Philippines (3-D version)
  • May 6, 2010 : United Arab Emirates (3-D version)
  • May 27, 2010 : Germany (3-D version)
  • October 20, 2010 : France (3-D version)

Toy Story 2 cast

  • Tom Hanks as Woody(voice)
  • Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear(voice)
  • Joan Cusack as Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl(voice)
  • Kelsey Grammer as Stinky Pete the Prospector(voice)
  • Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head(voice)
  • Jim Varney as Slinky Dog(voice)
  • Wallace Shawn as Rex the Green Dinosaur(voice)
  • John Ratzenberger as Hamm the Piggy Bank(voice)
  • Annie Potts as Bo Peep(voice)
  • Wayne Knight as Al the Toy Collector(voice)
  • John Morris as Andy(voice)
  • Laurie Metcalf as Andy’s Mom(voice)
  • Estelle Harris as Mrs. Potato Head(voice)
  • R. Lee Ermey as Army Sarge(voice)
  • Jodi Benson as Tour Guide Barbie / Barbie on Backpack(voice)

Disney initially envisioned Toy Story 2 as a direct-to-video sequel. The film began production in a building separated from Pixar, on a small scale, as most of the main Pixar staff were busy working on A Bug’s Life (1998). When story reels proved promising, Disney upgraded the film to a theatrical release, but Pixar was unhappy with the film’s quality. Lasseter and the story team redeveloped the entire plot in one weekend. Although most Pixar features take years to develop, the established release date could not be moved and the production schedule for Toy Story 2 was compressed into nine months.

Despite production struggles, Toy Story 2 opened on November 24, 1999 to wildly successful box office numbers, eventually grossing over $497 million. It received critical acclaim, with a rare 100% rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes, like its predecessor. It is considered by critics to be one of few sequel films superior to the original and is frequently featured on lists of the greatest animated films ever made. The film has seen multiple home media releases and a theatrical 3-D re-release in 2009, 10 years after its initial release. Toy Story 3 was released in 2010, also a critical and commercial success. Toy Story 4 was released on June 21, 2019, directed by Josh Cooley.

Andy prepares to go to cowboy camp with Woody, but while playing with Woody and Buzz, he accidentally tears Woody’s arm. Andy’s mom puts Woody on a shelf, and Andy leaves without him. On the shelf, Woody finds a squeeze toy penguin named Wheezy, who has been shelved for months due to a broken squeaker. Andy’s mom puts Wheezy in a yard sale. Woody rescues him, but is stolen by a greedy toy collector named Al McWhiggin. Buzz, Hamm, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, and Rex set out on a mission to rescue Woody. At Al’s apartment, Woody learns he is based on Woody’s Roundup, and along with Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete the Prospector (the other people in his show), he is set to be sold to a museum in Japan, but Woody intends to return to Andy, earning him Jessie’s ire. Stinky Pete explains the museum is only interested in the collection if it is complete, and without Woody, they will be returned to storage, which triggers Jessie’s claustrophobia.

Al accidentally rips Woody’s arm off completely, so Woody attempts to retrieve it and escape, but is sabotaged when Al’s television turns on, and blames Jessie when he finds the TV remote in front of her. The next day, a toy repair specialist fixes Woody’s arm. Woody learns that Jessie once belonged to a girl named Emily, who eventually outgrew her and gave her away. Stinky Pete warns Woody the same fate awaits him when Andy grows up, whereas he would last forever in the museum. Woody decides to stay having the feeling that Andy would not play with him anymore if he ever ripped his arm again, much to the delight of the others. Meanwhile, Buzz and the others reach Al’s Toy Barn, where Buzz is imprisoned in a cardboard box by a new Buzz Lightyear action figure, who thinks he’s a real space ranger (just like the real Buzz in the first Toy Story movie) and believes Buzz is a rogue space ranger. New Buzz then joins the other toys, who mistake him for Andy’s Buzz. After discovering Al’s plan, they head for his apartment. Andy’s Buzz escapes and pursues them, but inadvertently frees an Evil Emperor Zurg action figure, who follows Buzz with the intent of destroying him. The toys find Woody and Buzz rejoins them. However, despite all this, Woody refuses to go home.

Buzz reminds Woody a toy’s true purpose is to be played with, which he would never experience in a museum. After seeing a boy hug him on TV, Woody realizes Buzz is right, and asks the Roundup gang to come home with him and the other toys. However, Stinky Pete prevents them from leaving and reveals he was actually responsible for foiling Woody’s earlier escape attempt, and framed Jessie for it, as he wants to go to the museum having never been loved or played with. Al then returns, puts the gang in a suitcase, and leaves for the airport. Andy’s toys pursue Al, but are caught by Zurg, who battles New Buzz and reveals himself to be his father, until Rex comes in and inadvertently knocks Zurg off the elevator. New Buzz chooses to remain behind with Zurg, while Andy’s toys, accompanied by three toy Aliens, steal a Pizza Planet delivery truck and follow Al to the airport, where they sneak into the baggage handling system and find Al’s suitcase. Stinky Pete rips Woody’s arm with his pickaxe, but Andy’s toys subdue him and place him inside a little girl’s backpack. They free Bullseye, but Jessie ends up on the plane bound for Japan. Woody frees Jessie from the plane before it takes off, and the toys return home. Andy returns from camp and accepts Jessie, Bullseye and the Aliens as his new toys, then repairs Woody’s arm, while Wheezy’s squeaker has been fixed as well. Meanwhile, Al is upset in a new commercial after losing the Roundup Gang. Woody tells Buzz he is no longer worried about Andy outgrowing him because they will still have each other for company.

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