American Idol 2020: Ryan Harmon audition “I Knew This Would Happen”

American Idol 2020: Ryan Harmon audition "I Knew This Would Happen" | Original Song | Season 18.

March 3, 2020 by Marsha Dizon

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Ryan Harmon (age 24), a podcast host from Lamar, Arkansas performed his original song “I Knew This Would Happen” during the Auditions round of American Idol 2020 (Season 18).

Harmon joked that he hopes his song will be on the next Luke Bryan album.

American Idol judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan liked Harmon’s voice, but said it may not be ready for American Idol yet. They all gave Harmon “optimistic No” votes, and encouraging him to gain more experience. Luke Bryan advised him to go to Nashville to hone his craft and up his game.

But American Idol fans, just like in the case of contestant Saveria [See: American Idol 2020 Saveria audition], thought the judges made a mistake in not letting him through. They said that Harmon sounded even better than some of the other contestants who got Golden Tickets to Hollywood.

Despite his rejection, Harmon seemed quite happy with the judges’ comments, and appreciated it that they think he has a place in Nashville.

Luke Bryan asked if Harmon wrote the songs in Arkansas by himself and if he’s got a band or is gigging. Harmon says he’s the only one who writes his songs and just plays solo every chance he gets.

Asked if he ever considered moving to Nashville, Harmon said he considered it but he put the dream aside to focus on a real job.

Luke said that when he was 24, he had a real job. And when he turned 25 he got tired of it and moved to Nashville. He told Harmon it’s tough to write good quality songs by himself in Arkansas. “In Nashville, the competition will up your game. I think you ought to really consider that one day. Your voice is pretty dang good. I’m just trying to wrap my head around…Is it American Idol stuff?”

Katy Perry said, “I think you have something to build on. You have a great voice. And I think you’ve got so much personality. I just think you need to keep carving it out. I think you’re a couple of years away from really being able to work that magic dust, you know?”

Lionel Richie said, “Trust yourself to go to Nashville and get in the business. You can circle the pond, one day you got to jump in the water.”

Lionel voted an “optimistic” no, because “you got it”. Katy Perry also gave Harmon an “optimistic no.”

Luke Bryan said Nashville needs ole country guys like Harmon. “I think you got a little place there.” Luke voted an optimistic no, too. But he told Harmon, “Don’t let people tell you stuff and let time pass you by.”

When he went outside the audition room, he told his companions that the judges gave him an optimistic no because they want him to go to Nashville, saying that’s where he belongs. “Not Hollywood, but to Nashville.”

Inside the audition room, Luke Bryan tells the other judges that Harmon can be a Grand Ole Opry host.

American Idol Season 18 premiered at 8PM, February 16, 2020 on ABC television and will air Sundays at 8/7c. Ryan Seacrest continues his role as the show’s host and Bobby Bones returns as the in-house mentor. Despite budget cuts, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie come back as judges for their third season of the series.

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