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Possessor movie 2020 trailer, cast Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott | Science Fiction.

July 19, 2020 by Marsha Dizon

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Possessor is a sci-fi thriller about elite, corporate assassin Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough). By using brain-implant technology, Vos takes control of other people’s bodies to execute high profile targets. As she sinks deeper into her latest assignment, Vos becomes trapped inside a mind that threatens to obliterate her.

This 2020 science fiction horror film is written and directed by Canadian filmmaker Brandon Cronenberg (Antiviral). The film is an international co-production of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. It stars Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, Rossif Sutherland, Tuppence Middleton, Sean Bean and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

  • Starring : Andrea Riseborough / Christopher Abbott
  • Genre : Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
  • Country : United Kingdom / Canada
  • Language : English
  • Director : Brandon Cronenberg
  • Production : Rhombus Media / Rook Films / Particular Crowd
  • Distributor : Neon / Elevation Pictures / Front Row Filmed Entertainment / Inopia Films / Signature Entertainment / Well Go USA Entertainment

Possessor movie

Possessor release date

  • January 25, 2020 : USA (Sundance Film Festival)

Possessor cast

  • Andrea Riseborough as Tasya Vos
  • Christopher Abbott as Colin Tate
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Girder
  • Sean Bean as John Parse
  • Tuppence Middleton as Ava Parse
  • Kaniehtiio Horn as Reeta
  • Rossif Sutherland as Michael Vos
  • Christopher Jacot as Reid Parse
  • Gabrielle Graham as Holly
  • Hanneke Talbot as Katherine
  • Raoul Bhaneja as Eddie
  • Rachael Crawford as Dr. Melis
  • Gage Graham-Arbuthnot as Ira Vos
  • Deragh Campbell as Moira
  • Ayesha Mansur Gonsalves as Martha

Possessor is produced by Fraser Ash, Niv Fichman, Kevin Krikst, and Andrew Starke. Its world premiere was at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2020. Possessor will be shown in US theaters in the latter part of 2020.

English actress Andrea Riseborough (age 38) portrays the role of Tasya Vos. Riseborough’s film credits include Happy-Go-Lucky (2008), Never Let Me Go, Brighton Rock (both 2010), Shadow Dancer, Disconnect (both 2012), Oblivion (both 2013), Birdman (2014), Nocturnal Animals (2016), Battle of the Sexes and The Death of Stalin (both 2017) and Mandy (2018). Riseborough also received a BAFTA nomination for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in the TV film The Long Walk to Finchley (2008), and won critical acclaim for the series The Devil’s Whore (2008) and National Treasure (2016).

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