The Golden Child (1986 movie) Comedy, Eddie Murphy

The Golden Child movie 1986 trailer, cast Eddie Murphy, Charlotte Lewis | Comedy.

August 30, 2020 by Jessie Mendoza

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The Golden Child is a 1986 American dark fantasy comedy film directed by Michael Ritchie and starring Eddie Murphy as Chandler Jarrell, who is informed that he is “The Chosen One” and is destined to save “The Golden Child”, the savior of all humankind.

  • Starring : Eddie Murphy / Charlotte Lewis
  • Genre : Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Mystery
  • Country : United States
  • Language : English
  • Director : Michael Ritchie
  • Production : Paramount Pictures / Eddie Murphy Productions / Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)
  • Distributor : Paramount Pictures / Paramount Films of India / United International Pictures (UIP) / American Broadcasting Company (ABC) / CIC Video / CIC-Taft Home Video / Esselte CIC Video / Paramount Channel / Paramount Home Entertainment / Paramount Home Video / Trifecta Entertainment and Media

The Golden Child movie

The Golden Child release date

  • December 12, 1986 : USA
  • December 26, 1986 : Australia
  • January 1, 1987 : UK
  • January 23, 1987 : Ireland
  • February 20, 1987 : Sweden
  • March 7, 1987 : Japan
  • April 10, 1987 : Spain

The Golden Child cast

  • J.L. Reate as The Golden Child
  • Eddie Murphy as Chandler Jarrell
  • Charles Dance as Sardo Numspa
  • Charlotte Lewis as Kee Nang
  • Victor Wong as The Old Man
  • Randall ‘Tex’ Cobb as Til
  • James Hong as Doctor Hong
  • Shakti Chen as Kala (as Shakti)
  • Tau Logo as Yu
  • Tiger Chung Lee as Khan
  • Pons Maar as Fu
  • Peter Kwong as Tommy Tong
  • Wally Taylor as Detective Boggs
  • Eric Douglas as Yellow Dragon
  • Charles Levin as TV Host

In a remote temple in Tibet, a young boy with mystical powers – the Golden Child – receives badges of station and demonstrates his power to the monks of the temple by reviving a dead eastern rosella, which becomes a constant companion and familiar. A mysterious man, Sardo Numspa, has his men break into the temple, slaughter the monks and abduct the boy.

A young woman, Kee Nang, watches a Los Angeles TV show in which social worker Chandler Jarrell talks about his latest case, a missing girl named Cheryll Mosley. Kee seeks him out and informs him of the kidnapping of the Golden Child and that he is the “chosen one” who would save the Child. Chandler does not take this seriously, even after the bird begins following him and seeing an astral projection of the Child. The next day, Cheryll Mosley is found dead near an abandoned house smeared with Tibetan graffiti and a pot full of blood-soaked oatmeal. Kee reveals to Chandler that this house was a holding place for the Child and introduces him to Doctor Hong, a mystic expert, and Kala (a creature half dragon, half woman, who remains hidden behind a screen).

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