Sense and Sensibility (1995 movie) Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman

Sense and Sensibility movie 1995 trailer, cast Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet.

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Sense and Sensibility is a 1995 British period drama film directed by Ang Lee and based on Jane Austen’s 1811 novel of the same name. Emma Thompson wrote the screenplay and stars as Elinor Dashwood, while Kate Winslet plays Elinor’s younger sister Marianne. The story follows the Dashwood sisters, members of a wealthy English family of landed gentry, as they must deal with circumstances of sudden destitution. They are forced to seek financial security through marriage. Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman play their respective suitors. The film was released on December 13, 1995, in the United States.

  • Starring : Emma Thompson / Alan Rickman / Kate Winslet / Hugh Grant
  • Genre : Drama / Romance
  • Country : United States / United Kingdom
  • Language : English / French
  • Director : Ang Lee
  • Production : Columbia Pictures / Mirage Enterprises
  • Distributor : Columbia Pictures / Columbia TriStar Film Distributors / Columbia TriStar Film / Columbia TriStar Films / Columbia TriStar Films de Argentina / Columbia TriStar Films de España / Columbia Tristar Films of India / Prooptiki / Sony Pictures Releasing / Columbia TriStar Home Video / LK-TEL / National Broadcasting Company (NBC) / Sony Pictures Home Entertainment / Twilight Time / Videosonic

Sense and Sensibility movie

Sense and Sensibility release date

  • December 4, 1995 : USA (Beverly Hills, California) (premiere)
  • December 13, 1995 : Canada
  • January 26, 1996 : USA
  • February 22, 1996 : Spain
  • February 23, 1996 : UK
  • February 28, 1996 : France
  • February 29, 1996 : Australia
  • March 1, 1996 : Sweden
  • March 7, 1996 : Germany
  • March 8, 1996 : Ireland
  • May 17, 1996 : India
  • June 1, 1996 : Japan

Sense and Sensibility cast

  • James Fleet as John Dashwood
  • Tom Wilkinson as Mr. Dashwood
  • Harriet Walter as Fanny Dashwood
  • Kate Winslet as Marianne Dashwood
  • Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood
  • Gemma Jones as Mrs. Dashwood
  • Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars
  • Emilie François as Margaret Dashwood
  • Elizabeth Spriggs as Mrs. Jennings
  • Robert Hardy as Sir John Middleton
  • Ian Brimble as Thomas
  • Isabelle Amyes as Betsy
  • Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon
  • Greg Wise as John Willoughby
  • Alexander John as Curate

On his deathbed, Mr. Dashwood tells his son from his first marriage, John, to take care of his second wife and three daughters, Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret, since they will inherit nothing. John promises to do so. John’s greedy and snobbish wife Fanny convinces him to give his half sisters nothing financially; John and Fanny immediately install themselves in the large house, forcing the Dashwood ladies to look for a new home.

Fanny invites her brother Edward Ferrars to stay with them. Elinor and Edward soon form a close friendship, but Fanny tells Mrs. Dashwood that Edward would be disinherited if he married someone of no importance with no money.

Sir John Middleton, Mrs. Dashwood’s cousin, offers her a small cottage house on his estate, Barton Park in Devonshire. She and her daughters move in and are frequent guests at Barton Park. The Dashwoods meet the older Colonel Brandon, who falls in love with Marianne at first sight. However, Marianne considers him incapable of feeling love or inspiring it in another.

One afternoon, Marianne takes a walk with Margaret and slips and falls in the rain. She is carried home by the dashing John Willoughby, with whom Marianne falls in love. They spend a great deal of time together, but on the morning she expects him to propose marriage to her, he instead leaves hurriedly for London.

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