Watch Katy Perry kissed by a girl fan, butt slapped, groped

[Viral] Katy Perry kissed by a girl fan, butt slapped, groped.

An over-eager fan in her Rio de Janeiro concert kissed Katy Perry several times on the neck and on the hands.

Katy Perry picked the fan to join her onstage.

Some sources say that her name is “Rayane.”

Wearing a smiley-face bra, the fan hugged and then kissed Katy Perry’s neck.

She also whispered to Katy Perry how to pronounce her name.

Katy Perry let out several “Whoops!” during the more than 3-minute encounter with the fan.

At one point, the fan’s hands touched Katy’s boobs.

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Katy Perry kissed by a girl fan, butt slapped, groped

Whether that was intentional or not, Katy Perry couldn’t help but exclaim:

Whoop! That’s my boo-boo!

Was the fan on drugs? Katy Perry said:

I think she’s rolling!

The fan in question told TMZ she was just exhausted.

She wasn’t on drugs. She just couldn’t help herself from hugging and smelling Katy Perry.

When the fan was about to get off stage, Katy Perry playfully slapped her on the butt. The fan returned and did the same to Katy.

Katy remarked after the fan girl kissed her:

You’re not my first, and you won’t be my last.

A lot of people admired how well Katy Perry handled the episode.

She showed everyone how cool and charming she can be, despite what happened.

The video clip of this over zealous Rio de Janeiro fan has become viral.

It has been viewed more 5 million times three days after it was published last September 27th.

Watch: Katy Perry groped and kissed on the neck by a female fan


Rayane (Raiaiaia) e Katy Perry – Rock in Rio 2015 (Raiaiaia) e Katy Perry – Rock in Rio 2015 27, 2015

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