Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are engaged, watch proposal video of BiCol

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford are engaged, sweet proposal video of BiCol

by Jessie Mendoza

Just a couple of days after Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff announced their engagement on social media, now it’s Billy Joe Crawford and Coleen Garcia’s turn to get engaged.

Billy and Coleen or BiCol, as their fans lovingly call them, have been a couple for more than two years.

coleengarcia My forever ❤ (Image Credit: @coleengarcia IG, @dominicroque )

But Billy Crawford has always been open about his intention to settle down with Coleen. It was only a matter of time before he could gather enough courage to propose.

And so on December 20, it finally happened. Billy, 34, went down on his knees and asked his 24-year-old girlfriend to marry him.

(Image Credit: @ginomsantos IG)

TV and Film director Gino M. Santos was one of the first who posted the memorable occasion on social media. In a post wherein he shared a closer look of Coleen’s engagement ring, Gino revealed that Billy had been planning the proposal for more than a year:

#BiCol #ColeenSaidYes ?I remember you planning this for more than a year now @billyjoecrawford! That time you called, so nervous buying that ring ?

(Image Credit: @ginomsantos IG)

It is said that Billy had been keeping the engagement ring for 15 months. It finally saw the light of day (or night?) when Billy whisked it out of his pocket and offered it to Coleen while they were dining at NINYO Fusion Cuisine.

(Image Credit: @billyjoecrawford IG)

Before Billy proposed, a short video was shown with clips of the couple’s sweetest moments . The following words were flashed onscreen at the end of the video: “So to my boss lady, my everything, allow me to keep my PROMISE “, which segued into Billy’s actual proposal:

As he kneeled down to propose, Billy was visibly nervous. But he turned ecstatic when Coleen said “Yes!”. A hug and a kiss sealed the deal.

Posting an IG photo of him putting the ring on Coleen’s finger, Billy captioned it with a message of gratitude and happiness:

#my everything said yes!!! Thank You Jesus for this amazing angel You have Blessed me with! I’m still stunned and HAPPYYYYYY ????? – billyjoecrawford

Meanwhile, Coleen became emotional as Billy proposed. She was crying tears of joy as she and Billy hugged tightly and as friends congratulated them.

Those who witnessed the proposal documented the event and posted them on social media.

Filmmaker and Influencer Janina Manipol shared this wonderful video, a montage of what happened the night of Billy and Coleen’s engagement:

Make up-artist Aimee Marie Alcaraz-Grey posted this video on her Instagram account:

A video posted by aimee marie alcaraz-grey (@aimeegrey) on

Billy and Coleen met on “It’s Showtime”, where they both became hosts. They admitted they were in a relationship back in 2014.

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