JoshLia’s sweet slow dance still makes waves on social media

JoshLia's sweet slow dance still makes waves on social media

by Jessie Mendoza

Julia Barretto celebrated her birthday a week ago, but her sweet dance with love team partner Joshua Garcia, is still being talked about on social media.

Dancing to the theme song of “Beauty and Beast”, Julia and Joshua hugged each other tightly amidst the screams and giggles of Julia’s relatives and close friends.

(Image Credit: @ic.mendoza IG)

The video of their dance was posted online by their friends. Even Marjorie Barretto, Julia’s mother, must have liked the scene playing before her eyes and posted the video on Instagram.

It was a short clip, but the sweetness of Julia and Joshua was very evident. Joshua’s left hand was hugging Julia by the shoulder while his right hand was wrapped around Julia’s lower back.

If we’re not mistaken, he also kissed Julia’s head for a few seconds.

(Image Credit:  @ic.mendoza IG)

Here’s that kiss from another angle:

(Image Credit: screen grab from @marjbarretto IG video)

Julia, on the other hand, hugged Joshua’s waist while they were dancing.

And yes, there was no space between them.

While they were dancing, people around them were taking pictures of videos. Who wouldn’t want to capture such an enchanting moment?

Someboday can be heard in the background, saying, “Si Joshua yung kinikilig! Joshua, nagbla blush ka!”

Are they an item? From their body language, it seems like it, right?

The video posted by Marjorie had gained almost 400K views and netizens continue to post comments about the video.

Most of them are pleased with what’s happening between the two stars and just like those present at the party, they felt the kilig too, with the sweet, slow dance of JoshLia.

Watch the dance that a lot of showbiz fans are reacting to:

A post shared by marjbarretto (@marjbarretto) on

(Video Credit:@marjbarretto IG)

Joshua and Julia first came to the limelight as a love team when they appeared together in the MMFF entry, Vince & Kath & James, along with Ronnie Alonte.

Althought Ronnie Alonte is also paired with Julia in the tv series A Love to Last, JoshLia rendered powerful performances in a dramatic, tearjerking Maalaala Mo Kaya episode that earned rave reviews from just about everyone. reported there just might be another movie slated for JoshLia under Star Cinema.

The way things seem to be heating up between Joshua and Julia in real life, who will Julia really have as a constant love team partner onscreen between Joshua and Ronnie? Or will Julia, Joshua, and Ronnie be better off as  a triangle?

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