The Voice 2019: Hello Sunday, Lauren Hall “Wrecking Ball”

The Voice 2019: Hello Sunday, Lauren Hall "Wrecking Ball" | Miley Cyrus | The Battles.

October 29, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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The duo Hello Sunday (Myla Finks and Chelsea Grover) and solo artist Lauren Hall of Team Kelly Clarkson sang an amazing cover of “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus on The Voice Battles 2019 (Season 17).

The Voice judges gave the artists a standing ovation for their outstanding rendition.

Blake Shelton said it was an incredible performance overall and said all three of them individually had great moments. He said all of them are winners.

John Legend said the performance was incredible and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He said he loved Lauren’s tone, vibrato, and rasp. As for Hello Sunday, he said it wasn’t as technically sound as Lauren, but the “fireworks” was “ahh”. He said he has a 3-year-old daughter and he always looks for girls who will inspire her and would love her to watch Hello Sunday sing together.

Gwen said that it’s another level now for Hello Sunday and it’s exciting and she wants to see more of that in the show. With Lauren, she said that as soon as she came in, she thought, “That’s the kind of voice I want to hear on a record. It’s crazy.”

Coach Kelly Clarkson said Myla and Chelsea or Hello Sunday are obviously younger and weren’t technically on as Lauren the whole time, but what they do at their age is impressive. As to Lauren, she said “I feel like we’re really similar. I know you and I know that voice.” She said all three of them would be a dream to work with.

Kelly looked so confused as to who to choose and asked for 30 seconds. Eventually she chose Hello Sunday as the winner of the battle. She explained later that she liked the energy of Hello Sunday, like an IV in her body.

Still looking tortured after making her decision, Kelly said she will help Lauren since she believes in her so much, right after Lauren said that being chosen by Kelly is one of the highlights of her life.

As Lauren went down from the stage, Kelly was looking at Blake Shelton, the only judge with a “Steal” left. Pressing her head between her hands, Kelly was saying, “Please steal. Please.” Just then, Blake pressed his buzzer for a Steal, making Kelly shout out for joy and then she run to hug Blake for what he did. Kelly said when she sat down, “I love you, Blake.”

Artists: Hello Sunday and Lauren Hall
Song: “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus
Team: Kelly Clarkson
Battle Winner: Hello Sunday
Steal: Blake Shelton used his only steal for Lauren Hall.

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