The Voice 2019: Khalea Lynee vs James Violet (The Knockouts)

The Voice 2019: Khalea Lynee vs James Violet | The Knockouts | Season 17.

October 30, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Khalea Lynee (age 36) faced James Violet (age 20) on The Knockouts of The Voice 2019 (Season 17).

Both from Team Legend, Khalea and James gave amazing performances. Khalea Lynee sang a stunning cover of Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” while James Violet gave a cool version of Post Malone’s “Stay”.

Gwen Stefani said James had a “present performance” and maybe a little oversung at some points. Khalea surprised Gwen because she’s so tiny but “so much air is coming from her mouth” and said it’s unbelievable how effortless she is. “That was magical,” she told Khalea.

Kelly Clarkson said Khalea made it look like a Celine Dion song sound easy to sing, when it’s not. As to James, Kelly said it was cool that he sang Post Malone and that his rendition is her favorite performance so far. She said James is so gifted and so cool with what he does.

Blake Shelton said he was surprised by James Violet’s performance. “You hit some notes in there that I didn’t know you had those cards to play,” he said. Blake said James did a great job.

As to Khalea, Blake said she was slapping the notes with her hands. “When you’re singing and you’re in the zone, you’re as powerful of a human being as there is on the planet,” he said. Blake said he’d go with Khalea for the round.

Coach John Legend said James had the right approach to the song. He said James nailed it 100%. John then said Khalea reminded him of Whitney Houston, because she put in a little gospel in a pop ballad. He said Khalea performed the song like it was hers.

John picked Khalea Lynee as the winner of the Knockouts round, and James Violet was eliminated from The Voice 2019.

Artists: Khalea Lynee and James Violet
Songs: Khalea Lynee – “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion | James Violet – “Stay” by Post Malone
Team: John Legend
Knockouts Winner: Khalea Lynee

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