James introduced Nadine as ‘my one and only love’ at Team Real book launch

James introduced Nadine as 'my one and only love' at Team Real book launch

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

The Team Real book of James Reid and Nadine Lustre was launched at Market! Market activity center on June 19, with an estimated 11,000 JaDine fans in attendance. JaDine fans were treated to an afternoon filled with music, fun, and lots of pakilig moments.

James and Nadine had solo numbers and of course their standard love song duets. Once again, JaDine showed that one of the assets of their love team is their musicality. Both James and Nadine are recording artists in their own right and have released solo albums under Viva Records.

Startattle.com (Image Credit: @JadinePublicist)

Fans were most appreciative when James introduced Nadine as “My leading lady, my partner in crime… My one and only love”. It’s a proclamation and affirmation that merited top of the lung screams from thousands of fans who came not only to purchase their Team Real book, but also just to catch a glimpse of their idols in the flesh.

JaDine Nation at Team Real book launch (Image Credit: Viva Artists Agency)

Security was tightened at the Team Real book launching, following a warning from a concerned fan , forwarded to Viva Entertainment.

The warning says, ‘Be careful because someone is trying out of desperation to do something that is so sick and crazy.”

Startattle.com (Image Credit: @JadinePublicist)

That didn’t deter James and Nadine, however, from getting close to their beloved fans. They authographed the books purchased by the first 1000 fans who lined up early to grab a copy of their book.

Though James and Nadine are credited for the authorship of the book, they have not read it in its entirety. It was only last Friday, June 17, that James was able to see a copy of the book published by VRJ Books Publishing, Inc.

Startattle.com (Image Credit: Viva Artists Agency)

The complete title of the book ,Team Real: Your All Access Guide Pass to James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s World, is an apt description of what fans can expect from it.

Edited by Irish Christianne Dizon and with Merlito Pabatao as creative director, the book puts together all the nitty gritty details about the JaDine love team. Their houses, habits, concerts, behind the scenes pictures, fashion and style tips, beauty tips, what makes them tick, etc. There’s also the much-talked about Chapter 8 which gives details about the Wang Fam premiere and why they fought.

Reacting to a JaDine fan named amor with username @amorpedz on Twitter who said, “After reading Chap 8, I can totally say that what James feels for Nadine is real. It took him long to admit it though. Haha!”, Team Real book editor Irish had this to say, “He loves Nadine very much. Very, very much.”

The Team Real book is already sold out on the National Book Store online store. Priced at P295.00, stocks were actually sold out weeks before the formal launching on Sunday. Its availability status online is still currently ‘sold out’. According to TV Patrol, 50,000 copies have been pre-ordered prior to the formal launching last Sunday.

Nadine and James are proud of their fans’ support for the book. In an interview with TV Patrol, Nadine said, “Ganun talaga ang mga JaDines. Very supportive sila sa lahat ng bagay.” James agreed and said, “That’s the JaDine fans for you. We’re so happy, grateful for the support.”

After the Team Real book launch, JaDine fans have another thing to look forward to. James and Nadine have already confirmed that their next teleserye with ABS-CBN is in the works. They say it will be more “serious” and “mature” than On The Wings of Love.

Just keep the good news coming, James and Nadine. We’re sure the JaDine Nation members are just waiting to give their all-out support to your next undertaking.

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