Xbox Series X price, specs, release date, World Premiere 4K trailer

Xbox Series X price, specs, release date, World Premiere 4K trailer | Gaming.

by Jessie Mendoza

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Introducing the new Xbox Series X. Power Your Dreams. Coming Holiday 2020.

*The availability and sale of Xbox Series X is subject to required regulatory approval(s) in your jurisdiction.

During The Game Awards 2019 on December 12, 2019, Microsoft officially announced the name and design of the successor to Xbox One, Xbox Series X. It was first teased during Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference under the codename “Project Scarlett”.

Microsoft stated that Xbox Series X would be four times as powerful as Xbox One X; it features AMD’s Zen 2 CPU architecture and RDNA graphics architecture, a custom-designed solid state drive, GDDR6 SDRAM, and support for real-time ray-tracing, up to 120 frames per second rendering, and 8K resolution. Microsoft has also promoted “auto low-latency mode” and “dynamic latency input” to improve responsiveness. Xbox Series X’s design has a “tower”-like form factor, designed to sit vertically or horizontally. The console will be bundled with an updated version of the Xbox One’s controller, adding a concave circular D-pad similar to the Elite Controller, and “Share” button. Xbox Series X will remain compatible with existing Xbox One controllers and accessories.

During E3, Halo Infinite was announced as being a launch title for the console. During The Game Awards, Microsoft also teased Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II by Xbox Game Studios subsidiary Ninja Theory as in development for Xbox Series X.

Microsoft stated that Xbox Series X would support existing Xbox One titles, as well as Xbox and Xbox 360 titles that it had made compatible with Xbox One; to meet this goal, Microsoft also affirmed that it was stopping any further addition of new titles to the backward compatibility program in order to focus on the new console’s backwards compatibility. Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft was committed to continue supporting the physical distribution of games on discs on Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Release Date

Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X will go on sale during the holiday season of 2020, typically meaning between October and December, but an exact date has yet to be announced.

Xbox Series X Specs

CPU : 8-core targeting around 3.5 GHz
GPU : Xbox Series X GPU and custom processor
Compute Power : 12 TFLOPS
RAM : 13 GB for games, 3 GB for operating system (16 GB total)
Storage : Custom non-volatile memory express solid-state storage (NVMe SSD)

Xbox Series X Price

Microsoft has yet to announce how much the Xbox Series X will cost.

The original Xbox One (without the maligned Kinect bundled) went for $399 at launch in June 2014. The revised “Elite” model boasting a hybrid SSHD storage drive and bundled with the Xbox Elite controller went for $499 in August 2015. The Xbox One X cost $499 when it was released.

Based on these figures, one could speculate that the Xbox Series X will hit shelves at a price point of at least $499. Of course Microsoft will be keeping its cards close as there is a Sony PlayStation 5 on the horizon and no doubt competitive pricing tactics will play a big role as we approach launch.

Rumours have long been floating around that Microsoft is planning a pared down and cheaper version of the Xbox Series X, though there are no official lines on this right now.


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