American Idol 2020: Meghan Fitton (Audition) “Where You’re At”

American Idol 2020: Meghan Fitton (Audition) "Where You're At" | Allen Stone | Season 18.

February 17, 2020 by Marsha Dizon

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Meghan Fitton (age 23), a fitness instructor and a Bachelor superfan from Brooklyn, New York, sang “Where You’re At” by Allen Stone during the Auditions round of American Idol 2020 (Season 18).

Before she started singing, Katy Perry asked her, “If you could be on one show, American Idol or The Bachelor, which one would you choose?” Meghan answered outright, “American Idol.”

Meghan’s amazing performance earned her three yes votes from American Idol 2020 judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. She got the surprise of her life when in the end, it was Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelor who “handed” her a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Katy Perry said “All right,” after Meghan’s performance. Luke Bryan reacted and said, “All right? That was incredible. Rockstar, soul, grit, angst. It was incredible to me.”

Lionel Richie commented, “I’m thinking that I had to close my eyes for a minute, then open my eyes to see where the heck that voice is coming from. Because it’s raw and wonderful.”

When it was Katy Perry’s turn to comment, she said, “Meghan I love the grit in your voice. I think you’ve got really special moments. You definitely got to connect them more and they need to be smoothed out…I think there is something raw and we’re always looking for the diamond in the rough. Honestly if I had a rose, I’d give you one.”

All the judges voted Yes for Meghan. But she got the surprise of her life when Katy said “Wait” because there is someone who wants to give Meghan her ticket. Katy whisked out her tablet, and onscreen is none other than The Bachelor host Chris Harrison. Meghan screamed when he saw Chris and said she’s gonna cry. Chris asked if Meghan would accept the final rose, then later showed her the ticket to Hollywood.

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