The Voice 2020: Allegra Miles vs Michael Williams “How Will I Know”

The Voice 2020: Allegra Miles vs Michael Williams "How Will I Know" | Whitney Houston | The Battles | Season 18.

March 25, 2020 by Marsha Dizon

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Allegra Miles (age 16) and Michael Williams from Team Nick Jonas fight it out on the song “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston during The Battles round on The Voice 2020 (Season 18).

“How Will I Know” is the third single released in 1985 from Whitney Houston’s eponymous debut studio album. It is Whitney’s second number-one single on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The Voice judges Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton were wowed by Allegra and Michael’s performance, with Kelly and Nick giving them a standing ovation. Kelly said John and Blake not standing up was dumb since the performance was so good.

Artists: Allegra Miles, Michael Williams
Song: “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston
Coach: Nick Jonas
Battles winner: Allegra Miles
Steal/Save result: Michael Williams was saved by Nick Jonas
Auditions: Allegra Miles audition, Michael Williams audition

Kelly Clarkson said Michael came on strong and was amazed that he kept on going higher. She said now she knows why Nick turned for him, because “Falsetto is very much that lane for him.” Kelly said Michael switching from nose to chest to falsetto is all really nice. To Allegra, Kelly said, “I am in love with your voice. Your tone, like, already tells a story.” She also observed that when Allegra kind of bites down and sings through her teeth, it’s really cool. Kelly summed it up by saying she loves them both, but Allegra’s tone, “that’s a finale tone.” John Legend agreed with it and said, “That’s a good tone.”

Blake Shelton said it was a killer battle performance. He said, “It wasn’t a battle. It was just a great duet.” Blake said Michael is a great singer and everything that Kelly said is spot on. But Blake seemed more stunned by Allegra. He said, “I’ve been making records 20 years now, I’ve been doing this. And not that often somebody like you comes along that has a special, unique tone and your sound is so cool. So I would pick Allegra. I think they’re both great though.”

John Legend said the version introduces some extra cool to the performance. He definitely got some Nick vibes from Michael. “You have range, power, and control, all the things you want from a great singer,” he said. To Allegra, John commented, “The singers that really connect the most in this world are those with a tone that’s special and magical, and I feel Allegra, that you have that. Both of you are excellent singers.”

Nick Jonas said that Allegra and Michael connected and made the song their own. He said the arrangement they came up with spoke to every person in the place and makes it harder to make a decision.

Eventually, Nick Jonas chose Allegra Miles as the winner of the battle because she’s an inspiring vocalist and a storyteller. He sees Allegra getting onto the final of the show.

When it came to Michael, Nick didn’t have the heart to let him go and he pressed his button three times just to save Michael and let him continue to the next round.

The Voice is an American singing competition TV series which premiered during the spring television cycle on April 26, 2011 on NBC, and expanded into the fall cycle with the premiere of the third season on September 10, 2012. Based on the original The Voice of Holland, and part of The Voice franchise it has aired seventeen seasons and aims to find currently unsigned singing talent (solo or duets, professional and amateur) contested by aspiring singers, age 13 or over, drawn from public auditions.

Season 18 of The Voice premiered at 8PM on February 24, 2020 on NBC and it will air Mondays at 8 PM. John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton returned as coaches for their third, fifth and eighteenth seasons, respectively. Nick Jonas joined the panel as a new coach, replacing Gwen Stefani. Meanwhile, Carson Daly returned for his eighteenth season as host.

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