Emotional audition on American Idol 2019 by Lauren Engle

Lauren Engle gives a heartbreaking audition on American Idol 2019.

by Marsha Dizon

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Lauren Engle (age 27) of Redlands, California had one of the most emotional auditions on American Idol 2019.

Before she performed, she told her story to the judges. Lauren said she was involved in a terrible car accident a year ago, where she lost her husband.

She said, “Losing him made me realize I’ve got nothing to else to do but to keep doing music and to honor him.”

In a video clip, Lauren said her husband Garrett brought her back to music, after she stepped away from it after high school. He would play the guitar and she would sing. She said she will always miss singing together with her late husband.

Lauren said she never thought she’d be a widow at 27.

Asked by Ryan Seacrest how one goes through such tragedy, Lauren replied, “No matter what you go through, there’s always the light at the end of the tunnel. And I’m still trying to find it, everyday.”

Lauren Engle sang a song he wrote for her late husband, titled “Compass”, which is a timeline of their journey together.

Tragic Accident Inspires Lauren Engle’s Emotional Audition – American Idol 2019

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The judges were near tears as she sang.

Katy Perry said:

That is really beautiful. Lauren you’re so strong. I was really invested in the lyrics of your song. I felt the emotion and I felt the pain and I can’t imagine singing that or writing that or even going through any of what you’ve been through. You are just such a beautiful testimony to have gone through all that, still standing.

Lionel Richie said, “I don’t know how you did it myself.”

After saying that she wants to put Lauren’s audition to a vote, Katy Perry told Lauren, “This one’s for you and for Garrett. It’s a Yes.”

Luke said, “You’ve got a good, good, good country voice. It’s really, really solid, I’m a Yes.”

For his vote, Lionel told Lauren:

He was a very lucky man, OK? Forget about the competition for the moment. You have a mission for the rest of your life – to be you. Enjoy the ride. He’s right here (touching his heart), and right here (touching his head), OK? Without a doubt, it’s a Yes for me. You’re going to Hollywood.

Lauren said after she got the golden ticket:

I’ve asked multiple times what my purpose is in life after the accident and as to why I’m still here. So today, there’s still a purpose. To keep on pushing for your dreams and if this is what you want, you fight hard for it.

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