Who is the Serpent, The Masked Singer 2020 unmasked

Who is the Serpent, The Masked Singer 2020 unmasked | Season 4 Week 8.

November 21, 2020 by Marsha Dizon

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The Serpent was unmasked during “The Group B Finals – The Mask Chance Saloon” on Week 8 of The Masked Singer (Season 4), after getting the least number of votes. Startattle.com – The Masked Singer.

Prior to his unmasking, the Serpent Masked Singer performed “Cool” by Jonas Brothers. He was pitted against Seahorse, Crocodile, and Whatchamacallit. Serpent was eliminated in the end, along with Whatchamacallit. Meanwhile, Crocodile and Seahorse moved on to the semi-finals.

Some fans of The Masked Singer were able to guess who Serpent is even before his unmasking.

So who is Serpent on The Masked Singer?

Serpent was revealed as Dr. Elvis Francois, the surgeon whose cover of “Imagine” went viral when it was posted on YouTube during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the judges/panelists, it was Nicole Scherzinger who figured out the identity of Serpent prior to the reveal.

Ken Jeong‘s first impression guess of Serpent was Usher. But he changed his guess to American actor, singer and songwriter Daveed Diggs.

Nicole Scherzinger initially thought that Serpent was American singer and actor Oak from Hamilton. She changed her guess to Dr. Elvis Francois, because of the many medical clues given and the game-changing clue that Serpent had performed with one of the panelists. Nicole said she had the honor of performing with Dr. Elvis and was really hoping that Serpent is the singing surgeon.

Jenny McCarthy thought at first that Serpent was John Legend. She changed her guess to American actor and singer Taye Diggs.

Robin Thicke‘s first impression guess was Boyz II Men member Wanya Morris then changed his guess to actor and comedian Donald Faison, agreeing with guest panelist Cheryl Hines‘ take on who the Serpent is.

The Masked Singer Serpent revealed as Viral Singing Surgeon

Serpent unmasked, who is the Serpent? The Masked Singer Season 4 Reveal

Season: 4 (2020)
Host: Nick Cannon
Judges: Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger
Stage name: Serpent
Identity: Dr. Elvis Francois
Result: Out, Serpent Unmasked

Dr. Elvis Francois said being on The Masked Singer is unbelievable. He said it’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of situation, very different from what he does on a day-to-day basis, but something he’ll never forget for the rest of his life.

Several clues about Serpent Masked Singer were explained during the reveal. The scrubs, ambulance, and X-Rays are clues to Dr. Elvis’ career as an orthopedic surgeon. The milk bottle on wheels is a nod to his performance at the Indy 500, where the celebratory drink is milk. The “Imagine” mention is a hint to the 2020 viral video of Dr. Elvis singing the said song to hospital patients. The recurring peanut butter, bacon, and banana clues are hints to his namesake, Elvis Presley and his favorite sandwich.

The highlight of Serpent’s reveal didn’t end there. It was Ken Jeong’s tearful and heartfelt reaction that caught everyone by surprise.

In between tears, Ken Jeong said,”I just have to say… your version of “Imagine” got us through the pandemic, man. Quarantine, man, you don’t know like, that living room concert you did on Fox and the first time we saw it and in this concert of stars with like Elton John, Billy Joel, everybody – the best moment of that living room concert was you. And I told my wife who’s also a doctor, it was like, you know that’s what a real doctor does, man…He’s an orthopedic surgeon. I was a general. This guy is smarter than any doctor on the planet and there’s just truly no one more talented than him. And I’m crying because I’m jealous you’re more talented than me… But I just want you to know, man, you just got us through a very difficult time and we love you so much.”

Dr. Elvis Francois (age 35) was a resident at the Mayo Clinic and just finished his spine surgery fellowship in Boston. Prior to his stint on The Masked Singer, Dr. Elvis appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, with his colleague Dr. William Robinson and he was also a guest on Good Morning America. Dr. Elvis released an EP titled “Music is Medicine,” all proceeds of which were donated to The Center of Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund.

The fourth season of the American television series The Masked Singer premiered on Fox on September 23, 2020. Nick Cannon, singer-songwriter Robin Thicke, television and radio personality Jenny McCarthy, actor and comedian Ken Jeong, and recording artist Nicole Scherzinger all returned for their fourth season as host and panelists.

The panelists also engaged in a competition for the Golden Ear in this season. After each masked singer performed for the first time along with an initial clue package, each panelist wrote their first impressions-based guess at the identity of the celebrity. Those guesses were revealed after each celebrity was unmasked, with the panelists scoring a point for each celebrity they got correct from their initial first impression. The panelist with the most correct answers will win the Golden Ear.

Who is the Serpent, The Masked Singer 2020 unmasked, Season 4 Week 8.

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